The prince of preachers produced one of the most read daily devotions in Christian literature...
We've now republished with extra resources...
The Book: Transform The Next 365 Days
Our goal in republishing this was to address all the issues we found on other versions. We sought to fix not only those issues but add more value to the reader so they can go deeper in the walk with God over the next 365 days. 

We've got wider margins for taking notes. You've got a clear separation between morning and evening. We've enlarged the font and kept with the original unabridged version. This is sure to help transform your life one page at a time. 
The Journal: Coming Soon
We are writing a complimentary journal you can download free and print at home. It's not books that necessarily change lives but sentences. So we want you to capture those moments, sentences, and of course verses that are transformation and medicine to your soul at the right time. 
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