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What to Expect

Single-wides completed in 1 day

Double-wides completed in 1-2 days

Crew consists of 2-4 workers, an excavator, and roll-off dumpsters and/or dumpster trailers.
Reasons to consider demolition over removal:
> Most mobile homes are not road-worthy

> Numerous permits must be obtained, which adds complexity and time to each project

> Transportation of homes can only be completed during regular business hours, which effects the flexibility of project management

> Demolition of a home can be completed in the same time it takes to prep a home for transport

> Demolition of homes is a green, earth-friendly option due to the amount of materials that are able to be recycled
> Axles, hitches, and tires attached to old mobile homes are often unusable

> Transporting homes to landfills / dump sites will eliminate the opportunity for recycling metals and other contents, which increases cost and decreases profit

> Our competitive pricing is facilitated with the anticipation of extracting some scrap value from the homes

> Very few landfills / dump sites will accommodate the dumping of a whole mobile home

> It is dangerous to transport homes via public roads

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